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“Chained Magic” – Place Mats and Chair Seat Covers

“Chained Magic” – Place Mats and Chair Seat Covers

Note: Some materials required may no longer be available. You will need to substitute with materials of your choice.

Place mat measures 12 x 18 inches Chair Seat Cover measures 18 x 18 inches


J. & P. Coats “Knit-Cro-Sheen”, Art. A. 64: 11 balls of No. 110-A Terrace Green for 4 Place Mats and 16 balls for Chair Seat Covers.
Coats & Clark’s O.N.T. “Speed-Cro-Sheen” Mercerized Cotton, Art. C. 44: 4 balls each of No. 49 Chartreuse Green and No. 122 Watermelon for 4 Place Mats and 6 balls of each color for 4 Chair Seat Covers.
Bondex Hot Iron Tape, Art. T. 1, 8 packs of No. 61-A Forest Green for 4 Chair Seat Covers.
Milwards Steel Crochet Hook No. 7
4 yards Moss Green Ribbon 1 inch wide.
Guage (before weaving): 19 dc = 2 inches; 4 rows = 1 inch

Background for Place Mat: Starting at lower edge with Forest Green, ch 180 to measure 20 inches.
1st row: DC in 4th ch from hook and in each ch across. Ch 3 to count as 1 dc hereafter, turn. 2nd row: Skip first dc, dc in next dc and in each dc across ending with dc in top of ch-3. Ch 3, turn. Repeat 2nd row until 47 rows are completed. Fasten off.

Weaving: Always weave along odd rows only with wrong side facing. Cut 2 strands of Chartreuse and 1 strand of Watermelon each 24 inches long. 1st row: With weaving needle and 1 strand of Chartreuse doubled, skip first dc, weave under 2dc, * over 4 dc, under 2 dc. Repeat from * across, skipping last dc. 2nd row: With 1 strand of Watermelon doubled and weaving along same dc-row, skip 1 dc, weave under 1 dc, over 2 dc, under 2 dc, *over 4 dc, under 2 dc. Repeat from * across to within last 2 dc, ending under 1 dc, skip last dc. 3rd row: Weaving along same row, repeat first row.
Working along 3rd dc-row weave same as for first dc-row reversing colors. Repeat last 6 woven rows to top of Place Mat.

Block to Measurements: With right side facing sc closely along side edges. Trim loose strands to measure ½ inch. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon 12 ½ inches long. Turn under ends of ribbon and sew 1 band along both side edges to cover the cut strands.
Cut 2 pieces of ribbon 4 inches long. Pinch centers and sew at upper left-hand corner to form bow as shown in photo.

NOTE: If grosgrain ribbon is used, preshrink before using. If ribbon is not desired, turn ends of strands to wrong side and cover with Boiltex bias tape.

Background For Chair Seat Cover: Work as for Place Mat until 73 rows are completed. Weave same as for Place Mat. Block to measurements. Trim loose strands to measure 1 ¼ inches. Turn strands to wrong side of work. Cut 2 pieces of Bondex 18 inches long. Press Bondex strips over side edges on wrong side of work to cover loose strands.

Ch = Chain
Dc = Double Crochet
*(asterisk) = Repeat instructions following the asterisk as many more times as specified.

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